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Ep10 The Bread of Life

Father Len dives into the sacred mystery of the food Jesus gives us to feed and fortify our souls on the journey to our heavenly home that he’s prepared for us.

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Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom

  • The biggest theme in the Bible is that of a meal.
  • Access to the divine happens through a meal.
  • Beginning in the Garden of Eden, God provides food for our souls and our physical bodies.
  • Bread and wine are huge themes in the Bible. Not just symbols, but food that has both physical and spiritual effects.
  • Jesus identifies himself as the “bread from heaven, the bread of life” saying, “you must eat my flesh and drink my blood or you have no life within you, for my body is true food and my blood is true drink.”
  • Jesus institutes a mysterious meal with food for eternal life. It looks like ordinary bread and wine, but he insists that it is his true flesh and blood.
  • Catholics take Jesus at his word and believe in the real presence of his body and blood in the bread and wine of Holy Communion.

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